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Research and application of cataclysm rule and green prevention and control technology of fruit borer

Jun 6, 2022

The 2020 first prize of Science and Technology of China Society of Plant Protection

Research and application of cataclysm rule and green prevention and control technology of fruit borer

Fruit borer, mainly Grapholitha molesta and Carposina sasakii, are a kind of common and disastrous pests that harm the production of apple, pear and other northern fruit trees in China.The results have conducted in-depth research and application on the cataclysm rule and green comprehensive prevention and control technology of fruit borer in north China. The key innovations are as follows:

1.This paper systematically analyzed the occurrence and harm degree of the main fruit borer in the main producing area of fruit trees in China, and expounded the occurrence rule, individual development characteristics and characteristics of population evolution, which provided the theoretical foundation and basis for the scientific prevention and control of fruit borer.

2.The green prevention and control technology model of fruit borer in different regions has been established, which has effectively curbed the occurrence and harm of fruit borer.

3.At the same time of constructing the conventional promotion mode, the modern network promotion platforms such as "Apple orchard disease and Insect pest control information network query system" and Shanxi Apple Guard software mobile phone APP have been established.

Since the implementation of the project a large area of promotion and application has been carried out in the northern fruit tree producing areas, which has continuously reduced the population number of fruit borer and effectively controlled their occurrence and harm. From 2018 to 2019, a total of 3.3729 million mu of land was demonstrated and promoted in Shanxi Shaanxi, Shandong, Hebei, Xinjiang and other provinces, saving economic losses of 1 billion YUAN, and training 30,000 grassroots technical backbone, agricultural technicians and fruit farmers, bringing remarkable economic, social and ecological benefits.

Complete units: Shanxi Agricultural University, Pherobio Technology Co., Ltd.

Main accomplice: Fan Renjun, Liu Zhongfang, Zhang Pengjiu, Yang Jing, Shi Gaochuan, Xiong Qi, Cui genzhong, Fan jianbin, et al.